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vCenter Kubernetes Service event collection failed


The vRealize Log Insight instance sends error emails stating "vCenter Kubernetes Service event collection failed" and "Event collection from vCenter Kubernetes Service failed for the following host:" listing all hosts.


Log Insight seems to try and collect WCP events (Kubernetes) even if there is no Kubernetes (Tanzu) installed.


Turn the WCP collection off by editing the XML config file. To edit the XML config open https://<loginsight_hostname_or_ip>/internal/config in a webbrowser and login with an administrator account. Scroll down to the <vsphere> section and insert <wcp-collection-enabled value=“false“ /> as the first entry e.g.

        <wcp-collection-enabled value=“false“ />
        <host value="your_vcenter_url">

To apply the changes restart the loginsight service by executing service loginsight restart on the nodes cli. Repeat this for all nodes in the Log Insight cluster.